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Monterey Computer Liquidators

Golden Surplus Monterey computer liquidators offers business-only computer liquidation and network asset recovery services to our customers interested in removing, liquidating and recycling surplus assets. We pay cash upfront for your used computers and network gear. We buy in bulk lots.

Computers for Sale, Buy, Sell To Golden Surplus

We offer full-service computer liquidation solutions to managers in Corporate America looking to sell surplus IT assets, (used computers, network hardware, and test equipment). Our computer asset recovery services include hard drive erasing, recycling of outdated, no longer working computers, asset recovery and full-exposure to computer surplus buyers through online re-marketing efforts. We will quote you fair pricing for large lots of used computers, data network gear and excess electronic equipment. If you have surplus RAM memory & processors, used servers and business PC's; consider a valuation through Golden Surplus Liquidators.

Sell used Cisco Catalyst switches and routers to us. Sell your used desktops, laptops, memory, CPU's, servers and Cisco equipment. We liquidate companies undergoing corporate downsizing. We buy used laptops off lease coming in from an out in the field sales force that's been cut back. If your business is closing or going through bankruptcy we can help you liquidate your IT assets.

Liquidators Computer Asset Recovery Services

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Monterey Sell Used Computers, Servers, Memory. Monterey computer liquidators, liquidator, liquidation: Sell Your Used Cisco switches Monterey Sell Used Computers, Servers, Memory.