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Golden Surplus, computer asset recovery services, headquartered in California, buy and sell used information technology equipment. We offer asset recovery, liquidation and technology recycling solutions for end-user corporations and leasing companies for the fast removal of used surplus computer and network equipment. Our service are reared towards CIOs, CTOs and IT managers at enterprise-sized companies. Our organization specializes in end-of-life options for retired computer, network gear and electronic assets.
Golden Surplus provides risk management, computer recycling, and asset recovery services. Our Business asset recovery services consist of managing computer surplus assets i.e.,  data removal from hard drives, testing the equipment, complying with California State and Federal EPA law.
Our asset recovery services for clients include recovering datacenter high-end network equipment from over 1000 locations throughout the united states. We offer business onlyasset recovery solutions and sales of surplus computer hardware, servers and network equipment.

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Golden Surplus is becoming an industry leader in surplus asset management by offering flexible, full-service technology asset management solutions - from the purchasing of used computer and network assets to the disposition of these retired assets.

Surplus and idle corporate equipment usually accumulates in a computer storage room rather then be sold, taking up warehouse space. This equipment is revenue and a return for its owners. Redeployment of these asset will turn idle equipment into cash. Our clients immediately see the benefits of our asset recovery, redeployment services. We can put a significant amount of money back in companies cash flow.

If surplus or idle computer and network assets are no longer needed within your company, Golden Surplus will assist you in determining the value of this equipment and having it removed quickly and efficiently. Our asset recovery agents will evaluate your assets to help you determine the sales channel for disposition, assuring your company a maximum revenue return and a quick sale.

West Coast Liquidation Services: Los Angeles . San Jose . San Francisco . San Diego . Orange County . Sacramento


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We specialize in providing asset recovery, used computer liquidation, network equipment buyers to California cities.

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